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The main activity is the production of spare parts for aircraft, the provision of services to maintain the airworthiness of the Il-76 and Il114 aircraft and their modifications. Production of consumer goods. The date of birth of the plant is 1932. The plant was founded on the basis of an aircraft repair shop in the suburban village. Khimki, Russia.

Joint Stock Company "Tashkent Mechanical Plant"

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From May 1, 2015, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 30, 2015 No. PP-2341, JSC "TMZ" became part of the SJSRC "Uzbekiston temir yullari"

On August 11, 2015, the control and restoration repair, modernization and re-equipment of the Il-76 aircraft for new PS-90 engines was completed by order of CJSC NPP Sfera.
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Commentary on the appeal of passengers
There are reports on the pages of social networks about the problem of finding tickets for trains on the route "Tashkent - Shahrisabz". Regarding this issue, the following was clarified by "Uztemiryolyoluchi" JSC, which operates with the transportation of passengers by railway.
Attention passengers! New direction!

From June 20, 2022, passenger train No. 301/302 will start running on the "Dushanbe - Tashkent - Dushanbe" route.

This train departs from Dushanbe on Mondays of the week and arrives in Tashkent at 13:43 on Tuesdays.

The movement of passenger trains with the Russian Federation is being restored
From June 23, 2022, passenger train No. 5/6 on the route "Tashkent - Samara - Tashkent" will start running.
Train number 5/6 "Tashkent - Samara - Tashkent" departs from the "Tashkent-Markaziy" railway station on Thursday at 19:05 and on Saturday at 18:14 "Samara" railway station of the Russian Federation. reaches the station. It also leaves Samara on Sunday at 16:11 and arrives at Tashkent-Markaziy station on Tuesday at 16:56.
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