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Tender for appraisal

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Tender for appraisal 01.07.2022 15:06

JSC "Tashkent Mechanical Plant" invites you to participate in the selection of the best proposal for assessing the market value of the following property:

No. Name Model Quantity
1 Neutral gas generator 2347AT 20
2 Welding transformer TD-502 1
3 Welding transformer VD-403 1
4 Hydraulic lift А1006-000-0-3 4
5 Hydraulic lift А1009-0000 2
6 NKU pump with electric motor 1
7 Electric motor. 75kw 2
8 Electric motor. 55kw 1
9 Engine TV7-117S 2

Appraisal organizations included in the list determined by the State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, having a valid license for appraisal activities, certified appraisers, as well as access to documentation in full, can take part in the selection.

To participate, you must send an application for participation, a copy of the license, insurance policy, a summary of the company's activities and a financial proposal.

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