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To the attention of audit organizations!

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To the attention of audit organizations! 01.07.2022 15:00

To the attention of audit organizations!

Tashkent Mechanical Plant JSC announces a competition for the selection of an audit organization for the transformation of the company's financial statements for 2018 in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and for conducting an external audit for 2018 in accordance with International Auditing Standards (ISA).

The following audit organizations are allowed to participate in the competition:
- carrying out audit activities for at least 10 years;
- included in the top five rating indicators in accordance with the national certification system (not lower than UZ1.A+, UZ1.M.B.);
- licensed to carry out audits of all economic entities;
- members of well-known international audit networks with a adopted quality management system (acts of quality audits by the network for the last 3 years are submitted);
- in the composition of the audit team of which there is at least 1 specialist with an ACCA certificate and 2 specialists with a DipIRF certificate;
- do not have negative feedback from enterprises;
- Responsible for non-fulfillment of work within the time limits established by law and for the results of the audit to state regulatory authorities;
- having experience in auditing in accordance with ISA the consolidated financial statements of a group of companies prepared in accordance with IFRS, the structure of which
includes at least 15 subsidiaries, as well as joint and associated companies.
To participate in the competition, all interested audit organizations must submit the following documents to JSC "Tashkent Mechanical Plant":
- a copy of the license for the right to engage in audit activities;
- a copy of documents on state registration;
- information about the audit organization (civil liability insurance policy, qualification certificates of auditors, ACCA and DipIRF certificates, as well as a resume including
includes information on the size of the statutory fund, on activities and operations that characterize the experience of auditing, staff qualifications, term of professional activity, work experience, proposal for the cost of services, etc.);
-confirmation of belonging to the international audit network and acts of audits by the network for quality management;
The competitive proposal for participation in the competition is submitted in a sealed envelope, sealed with the seal of the organization.
Documents are accepted at the address, 100016, Tashkent, st. Elbek, 61 within 5 (five) days from the date of publication of the announcement of the competition.
Proposals submitted after the specified deadlines are considered invalid and will not be accepted for consideration.

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